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Le Midi is a casual bistro serving classic French dishes. Sample favorites such as French onion soup, coq au vin and steak tartare among others. Food and drinks menus include a prix-fixe and happy hour, there are daily specials and you can eat at the bar or in the spacious dining room.

Brunch includes Bellinis, Mimosas and bloody Marys for just $5 each. With 1,000 sq ft of space and room for 100 people, Le Midi suits both small groups and larger parties.

The restaurant can seat up to 80; the bar can seat 17 people and accommodate up to 25 standing. Le Midi hosts many events and parties: business lunches and dinners, wedding parties, birthday, anniversary and holiday parties, baby showers, bachelorette parties, networking events, Bar Mitzvahs, wine tastings and more.

A taste of France in Manhattan

Open every day, Le Midi, near Union Square in Greenwich Village, is a casual bistro serving classic French food for lunch, dinner and – at weekends – brunch. Old movies are screened silently behind the bar. Pull up a seat here to enjoy one of our 50 wines or a cocktail and some French cuisine. Or, head to the atmospheric dining room, which is suitable for small and bigger groups and special events (capacity: 100). Happy hour & prix-fixe menus available.

Happy Hour

Pull up a chair at our long marble bar for happy hour: 4 – 7pm weekdays; noon – 7pm weekends.

Brunch drinks

Bring friends and indulge with Bellinis, mimosas and bloody Marys – all just $5 each at brunch all weekend.

Prix-fixe Lunch

Enjoy our great value two-course lunch for just $19.95, available every week day from noon until 4pm

Prix-fixe Dinner

You can afford to indulge with three courses for $28.95 Mon-Fri until 6.30pm and all evening Sunday.

Le Midi NYC

Address: 11 East 13th St. New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 255-8787

About Richard Greene

Richard’s passion for all things culinary can be traced back to his formative years, when he discovered his love for food while assisting his beloved grandmother in preparing delectable meals. This early exposure to the kitchen ignited a flame within him that would only grow stronger with time.

Driven by his unwavering dedication to the culinary arts, Richard’s fervor for cooking deepened as he matured, ultimately leading him to embark on a professional journey as a chef. Throughout his endeavors, Richard meticulously honed his cooking skills, elevating them to a level of perfection, while also developing an impeccable palate for exquisite cuisine.

However, Richard’s aspirations extended beyond personal accomplishment. With an unwavering commitment to his ultimate vision, he aimed to democratize the world of gastronomy, making mouthwatering dishes accessible to all. Thus, LeMidiNYC.com was born—an online platform that serves as a treasure trove of culinary inspiration, providing easy access to an unparalleled array of flavors and culinary experiences.

In his leisure time, Richard indulges his insatiable curiosity by traversing the globe, seeking out unique ingredients and exploring diverse culinary traditions. This perpetual quest for novelty allows him to continually expand his repertoire of cooking techniques and flavors, enriching the culinary landscape he so passionately contributes to.

Richard Greene’s story is one of culinary devotion, relentless pursuit of excellence, and a burning desire to share the wonders of cuisine with the world. Through his unwavering commitment to LeMidiNYC.com and his relentless exploration of the globe’s culinary delights, Richard has emerged as an influential figure in the realm of food, inspiring foodies and gourmets alike to embark on their own gastronomic adventures.